Stupid Good Tool School with OXO


Hi OXO, Welcome to Stupid Good!

My name is Rachel Johnson and I want to invite you at OXO to collaborate on my next blog series! ‘Stupid Good’ is blog that focuses on showing young people how to love cooking for themselves. I want to bring my sassy attitude and blunt tone to a new project where I will focus on the tools of the kitchen. There will be a weekly video on how to use a certain kitchen tool with an accompanying recipe using that technique within the week. My summer project was very similar in structure and you can find all Stupid Good Summer School content here.


How is this project different?

Food publishing and specifically online food publishing is missing the mark on a very marketable target market: Men between the ages of 18-28. I’d like to target the idea of Stupid Good Tool School to men with humor and style, such as featuring rock music on my videos and keeping to a very clean color palate (greys, whites, blacks) with my photography.

How can OXO help?

I’m asking OXO to help me with the tools! I’d love to showcase a product line I already love and use at home- your peeler is my absolute favorite thing. I think it would be a great way to keep my idea consistent, while still pulling from the OXO brand prestige. Contests and giveaways to engage readers would also be ideal and with your help I can make that happen.

I appreciate your time and consideration in reading my ideas! I’d love to work more with you on this project and look forward to hearing from you soon.