Hey Kitchn Team!

My name is Rachel Johnson and I want to be a part of the Kitchn family! I am a senior at Florida State University and am an aspiring cookbook editor. I’m currently working on my first cookbook, “Shut Up and Cook: A Shut Up and Cook Book”, an in-your-face guide to get millennial to start cooking at home and I know how to get people excited about food, on the internet and real life. I spent my fall semester interning at Bon Appetit magazine in NYC (I briefly met Ariel Knutson at a JCoco event in September!) and I gained a lot of experience in food writing (click here & here for some examples). I also write about my food experiences on my blog when I’m not busy foodstagramming. I first started reading the Kitchn a few years ago and was super excited when Anjali reblogged my article on BonAppetit.com about Halloween Chef Costumes.

When I found out the Kitchn was recruiting freelancers, I immediately got excited about a beer columnist opportunity. I’m currently taking a beer class for my last semester and am learning all about new and exciting beers from around the world, ones I never would have been exposed to by myself. I come from a very football-tailgate-drinking-a-Bud-Light kind of school but I think that catering to someone who is looking to build their shelf preference would be most appealing from someone who is exploring beer, just like them. I know the basics and history of beer, but I think an exploration into the world of beer with readers would be a very impressionable experience. I’ve written a few pieces on my personal blog about beer here and here but I am also my sample Kitchn post as requested in the bottom of this application.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
Yours, Rachel Johnson

Here are a few sample photos from my cookbook that aren’t published yet (but the Kitchn is super cool and gets a sneak peek):

Sample Kitchn Post:

A Belgian Beer for Any Occasion

A Fun, Easy-Drinking Beer, Perfect for Friday


So it’s been a doozy of a week; the boss is sending twelve emails a day, your sad desk lunch was sad Monday through Thursday and your coworker would just not stop talking about House of Cards (Neither am I, but would Nancy just hush about Kevin Spacey?). If I’m looking for an easy to drink yet flavorful beer after a non-stop week, I’m going to go with a Belgian beer. To be honest, who isn’t always looking for a flavorful, easy to drink beer after any kind of week?


Fat Tire, an amber ale from New Belgium Brewing, is my new favorite go-to. It’s light, toasty and finishes well with a clean, crisp sweetness. I’ll pair it with my favorite hummus dip with bagel crisps before going out for dinner with friends, enjoying a quiet moment before more hustle and bustle. The carbonation of Fat Tire, highlighted by citrus notes, is the perfect lighter drinking option. I’ve been into lagers lately, but the balance of hops and malts in Fat Tire has me curious about delving into the world of Belgian beers. What beer surprised you lately? Let me know in the comments below! Extra points for beers with labels as fun as Fat Tire’s.