Adobe Application

Hi Martha!

This page includes photos that may help in the application process!

Here are some shots of me:

I’m Rachel Johnson- aspiring cookbook editor and magazine publisher. I’m about to start my senior year at FSU studying Graphic Design. I love all things social media, Breaking Bad, iced coffee and Adobe Creative Cloud! I can make a damn good cheesecake and all my friends know it. I’m currently working on my first eCookbook, Stupid Good: A Shut Up and Cook Book, available for free download this fall.

And some have called me crazy for naming him so, but this is my puppy Adobe! Yes, named after the suite. He’s a rich-black corgi-lab mix, full of energy and love.

Here are some requested shots of my kitchen:


Thank you for your consideration! Check out the Food Photography Tabs and Design Tabs for more insight on what I do.

Rachel Johnson