Stupid Good Summer School Week 3: How to Cook Bacon


Learning how to cook bacon is not just a technique, it’s a way of life. I am aware I should be demonstrating more knife skills or hard boiling an egg or maybe even how to clean your blender; Standard kitchen stuff! But no, this is the information that you really need. Cooking rich, thick slabs of pork. Yes.

I use the thickest bacon you can find- it’s more expensive, but damn, is it worth it. You can get a package for about $8, but you can freeze and save any you don’t use right away. In this video, you get two techniques that are my favorite ways to get flat, crispy bacon. In the oven, you avoid the dangerous grease splatters and in the frying method, adding water helps slowly render the bacon fat and leaving you with crispier, flatter bacon. Say goodbye to weak microwave bacon!