The Party Planning Committee: Don’t Call it Catering

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One of my favorite subplots in NBC’s The Office had to have been Angela and Phyllis’ power struggle within the Dunder Mifflin Party Planning Committee, serving the greater good with birthday parties and impromptu Michael Scott celebrations. I would definitely distance myself from Angela’s nonsense nutcracker Christmas, so I feel as if I’d identify more as a Phyllis; a gentle, yet ruthless shark who will throw the best damn Moroccan Christmas party, sitar and all.

How this connects to catering? Or, party planning? I feel as if either isn’t exactly what I do- can’t I just call myself “The One Who Brings the Party/Food”? Because that’s essentially what a party is, right? Food? I prepared a greek-style menu for a party of 20 FSU College of Visual Arts and Dance officials this past Monday, and found myself thoroughly enjoying the catering life.

Stupid Good Tasting Menu: Monday, April 7

Greek Chicken Kebabs
Zucchini & Goat Cheese Crostini
Kalamata Olive Deviled Eggs
Feta & Watermelon Skewers
For Dessert:
Baklava Custard Cups with Pistachio
Vintage Port Cheese Pairings

After the Stupid Good Tasting, setting up decor, tables and moving my entire kitchen, I felt like I could prepare food for any event. I spent the weekend shopping and prepping, budgeting and cubing watermelon- things I could spend every weekend doing.

Preparing dinners, party food and drinks is something I’d love to do for your family. If you are interested in inviting me to your next shindig, let me know by emailing me!