Delicious Links for November

About 85% of my time on the internet is spent looking at food. Instead of admitting I have a problem, I’ll instead put it to use: I’ve collected my current favorite food ideas and recipes for you to click through. Total disclaimer: after scrolling through these blogs of food porn, you might find yourself very hungry and also like, “Where did the past hour go?” and maybe then you should like step away from the computer and go eat something. Just saying. Click below at your own risk and enjoy!

1-Broiled-Grapefruit-Cookie-and-Kate 2--Hard-Cider-Sangria-Food-and-Wine 3-Vanilla-Salt 4-Chocolate Chili Bundt Cake 5-toasty-bacon-fluffernutters 6-cranberry-margaritas 7-brie-turkey-sandwich8-baklava-cheesecake
9-chocolatepistachioUpdate 12/5/2013: I made the Chocolate Pistachio Sables from BA and although it cost me $10 in pistachios and fingernails to shell them, they are totally worth it. BRB now obsessed with Maldon salt.