New York Foodie Dreams: October


So, yes, it is halfway through November but I felt as if October deserved a chance, the amazing food month that it was. Apples, farmers markets, donuts, and the most amazing dining experience of my life. October was the perfect weather month, not freezing but also not Florida, and was full of food adventures. I even jetted home for a weekend to speak at District 7 FSPA where I received so much puppy love (from dogs and family alike) and enjoyed the luxuries of a fully stocked kitchen. November already has many foodie dreams to share, but here are my most memorable October moments:

644213_10200279467384439_1343249030_nDoughnut Plant and the Union Square Market

Doughnut Plant. Oh, how to describe something so special to my heart? The coffee cake doughnut actually tasted like coffee, what a novel concept. The tres leches doughnut was another highlight and I am still trying to figure out how to get fresh cream into a cake doughnut. Like, what? The best way to do it is to go to Doughnut Plant with friends and divide for simple sampling. I straight up snatched the last remaining sections of a wild blueberry doughnut. No shame. To cut some sugar, I then headed to the Union Square Market (photos above). Did you know you can buy a cabbage blossom bouquet? That’s my kind of flower, but I’m always up for chocolates, too. The October market offered everything involving apples so I had to take advantage of hot apple cider and a big, gingersnap cookie to dip. Yeah, maybe I need a bit of a sugar detox…


Oh Hay Per Se

As if anything could be more important than doughnuts, it involves Thomas Keller. I was so graciously passed on an invitation to visit the legend that is Per Se for a wine tasting and it was the most amazing three hours of dining in my life. Salmon Tartare Cornets with Sweet Onion Creme Fraiche? Yeah meet Pork Belly, a beautiful meat that New York has made me a slave to. Each course was accompanied by wines- Fun fact, at a serious wine tasting you aren’t actually supposed to drink the wine? Wine curators just taste it and then spit it out in cups. Where is the fun in that? Anyway, at a restaurant that would have easily taken a year’s worth of rent out of my pocket if not for this internship. I repeat, Thomas Keller. That is all.

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