An Apple Everyday, the Doctor Better GTFO


The best thing about New York is that there are actual seasons. Oh wait, that’s because I am ruined by Florida— all we have is summer, hell/summer and then possibly 2 days of 70° Florida. Unlike that nonsense, New York welcomes numerous sweater weather days and with autumn moving in, it’s time for all the delightful fall foods. Apples are nature’s edible gift for the beautiful weather and this fall, I am all about it.

First, you have the market’s newest apples: Snapdragon, Gold Rush and Honey Tango. All very sweet and crisp, perhaps products of the honeycrisp apple takeover. I’ve been observing more types of new apples at the Union Square market and in my research for a few articles for work. You’ve got varieties such as the Newtown pippin, Ribston pippin, Arkansas Black, Baldwin and even an apple with ribs, the Calville Blanc. Heirloom apples are quite the venture and there are thousands of varieties I never even knew about.

Earlier this month, I travelled to Seacliff in Long Island for a weekend of movies, puppy sitting and apple picking. My friend Robbie and I made it out to Jamesport’s Woodside Orchards, picking a peck of apples that eventually found themselves in a pie. I hadn’t been apple picking for years (another case against Florida) and the charming family-owned orchards with rows and rows of trees overflowing with fruit made for a great weekend. What makes things even better? The alcoholic version of things. Yeah, I’m talking cider. Apple cider has become increasingly popular (let me know when craft beer’s run is over) and I bought my first growler at Woodside and had it filled with small-batch cinnamon apple cider. New York Cider Week last week extended my apple infatuation even longer and I visited BierKraft in Park Slope for an Original Sin cider tasting and to learn more about adult apple juice. If you haven’t enjoyed your share of hard cider this fall, I suggest you partake. Original Sin is a great pick and please, no more Woodchucks. Let’s branch out a little more, people.

I probably know more about apples from the past few weeks than I ever have before. I did make a pie, but it’s totally not cute enough to show you. Plus, I cheated with store bought dough. Ah, the life in a dorm. I’m glad my roommates have taken it upon themselves to finish it because I’m already looking at you, pumpkin. You’re next in the pie shell.