New York, New York.


So I’m pretty sure that to the exact hour, I’ve been here a week. In New York City, that is. Interning at Bon Appetit Magazine, that is. I know this sounds so absurd, but I feel as if I am watching myself in a movie. This cannot be real life because from my current view, I can see the Empire State Building. (The lights are white tonight, in case you think I’m just being an asshole.)

As for the internship, the opportunity to even walk the halls of the magazine that essentially inspired me to pursue what I want to do is unreal. All of the editors are my celebrities and the fact that I get to see the Foodist everyday? Pinch me. As for the whole being-in-New-York thing? Everyday feels like a new adventure. Someone to see, places to explore, free yoga in Bryant Park? I mean, I’ll enjoy the atmospheric zen but no butts in the air for me thank you. I’ll be in line for the cronuts…

Updates from my NYC adventures can be viewed on my Instagram feed and be sure to check back for foodie adventures and such. I’ll be posting via Stupid Good’s Facebook Page so also be sure to Like for more updates on how fabulous I am *insert hairflip here.

To be real, I know it’s the cheesiest thing in the world but being here makes me so thankful of everyone in my life who has gotten me here. If you’re reading this, even the support of being interested in what I am doing means so much. You’re the coolest and I’d give you a high five. Clearly, I am not the coolest. Let me know if you have any food adventures to suggest or some insider info I should know! Leave your love in the comments ❤ Thank you so much everyone!!