Love for NOLA


New Orleans is beautiful and magical.  Who isn’t entranced by a plate of red beans & rice, étouffée, and a bowl of jambalaya? In that order, please.

My second visit to the Big Easy was a completely different experience from my first time. This trip wasn’t so much about the Hand Grenades as it was about the hand I was holding because it was the first real getaway for David and I. Yeah, I know I am cheesy and gross but you know you can spot a keeper by how well they travel.

The standard visit to Cafe du Monde was a must; once for breakfast in the take out line and then again after a night out on Frenchman Street at the Spotted Cat. My favorite meal took place at Mothers Restaurant where I stuffed my face with a giant crawfish étouffée omelette with grits, accompanied by a fresh biscuit and raspberry jam. David isn’t a TV/Movie buff or anything so a trip to Dwight Henry’s (Beasts of the Southern Wild) The Buttermilk Drop Bakery didn’t blow his mind. They were out of the famed ‘buttermilk drops’ but the glazed donuts sufficed.

Our daytime treks were mostly guided by interests in HBO’s Treme and David’s infatuation with Wendell Pierce. It’s very cool to be in actual places you’ve seen on screens and David’s endearing enthusiasm allowed me to see a new part of New Orleans. We meandered around the Treme neighborhood and into the above ground graveyard where Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen, welcomes the polite knocks of spiritual skeptics on her grave door. My wish went something like: ” Yo Marie I don’t really believe in this stuff, but it would be pretty cool if Bon Appetit called me soon”.

It’s quite a fantastic feeling to be in another place with someone you love. Nothing at home seems so pressing and I knew the dog was well fed. Immersing myself into NOLA food, music and art may have contributed to a crawfish overdose but was the chart topper of my summer. On to the next destination! I’ll let you know where when we do.